Terrorist attacks in Salahaddin Iraq killing 3 people and injuring 5

▲Iraq will excavate a cemetery in the northern Kasafa region. (Schematic / Dazhi Image)


7 Iraqi security personnel killed in the attack in northern Iraq

Baghdad, November 21 Iraqi police officials said on the 21st that seven Iraqi security personnel were killed in an attack on Salahaddin province in northern Iraq that night.

In an interview with Xinhua News Agency, Mohamed Bazi, a police official of Salahaddin Province, said that the local police and Sunni militia were attacked by a group of suspected militants of the Islamic State while dismantling a roadside bomb in northern Baiji city in the province that night.

The exchange of fire between the two sides resulted in the bodies of three policemen and four militiamen. Killed and two other policemen were injured. The attackers then fled to the nearby mountainous area, and the casualties were unknown.

In December 2017, Iraq announced its historic victory against the Islamic State, but there are still some remnants of extremists in Iraq waiting for an opportunity to launch an attack.

Terrorist attacks in Salahaddin Iraq killing 3 people and injuring 5

November 21, a civilian vehicle in Al-Salahaddin province in northern Iraq was attacked by a roadside bomb.

When personnel sent by the nearby police station and army to dispose of and evacuate the scene

they were ambushed by unidentified snipers.

According to the Iraqi security services

the incident resulted in the death of the director of the local police station

a major and a civilian, the injury of another policeman and a soldier

and the injury of three civilians in the bombed vehicle to varying degrees.