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Tap water contaminated in Canada’s nunavut capital the military delivers water purification equipment

Tap water contaminated in Canada's nunavut capital the military delivers water purification equipment

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau (right) and Katie Telford (left)

TORONTO, Oct. 23 2021 The Canadian military told the media on Oct. 23 that it has sent water purification equipment to Iqaluit, the capital of nunavut region, to help local authorities solve the problem of municipal water pollution.

nunavut is located in the arctic and is mostly inhabited by inuit indigenous people. a state of emergency was declared on october 12th after municipal water supplies were found to be contaminated, and officials asked people not to drink tap water. the city of iquit confirmed that fuel had been infiltrated in a water tank at the water treatment plant. contaminated water is not safe to drink even when filtered and boiled.

the press officer of the canadian military’s northern joint task force told the canadian broadcasting corporation that two water purification equipments would arrive in ikrit one after another. the military also sent nearly 20 people to run the equipment. the military hopes to get water purification equipment up and running within a week.

many local residents took water from nearby rivers because of the deactivation of tap water. the city has also set up two water distribution points to provide drinking water to the population. local hospitals had to put some non-urgent operations on hold.

the city of iquit has now emptied contaminated water tanks and is flushing water pipes. mayor bell said a long-term solution to the water problem had been proposed to the canadian federal government, with a budget of about $180 million. the city council will discuss cutting water charges for the public, according to the gats news agency.

canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau said Tuesday through his online social platform account that he has been informed of the latest water pollution incidents in nunavut, and said the federal government will provide the necessary support, including sending the military to assist.

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