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Tanzania National Railway Company signed a project contract for the Ithaka to Mwanza section of the Tanzania Central Line Standard Railroad in Chato

Tanzania National Railway Company signed a project contract for the Ithaka to Mwanza section of the Tanzania Central Line Standard Railroad in Chato

Blockbuster: 1.3 billion! Signed!

January 8, the company and the Tanzania National Railway Company signed a project contract for the Ithaka to Mwanza section of the Tanzania Central Line Standard Railroad in Chato, the presidential hometown, with a project contract amount of 1.326 billion US dollars . 

Tanzanian President Maguli attended and witnessed the signing ceremony.

There are two railways in Tanzania, one is the Tanzan Railway, which connects Tanzania and Zambia, which is regarded as the “road of friendship” and the “road to freedom”; the other is the century-old central line with rice rail rails that spans the whole of Tanzania in an east-west direction.

The central line standard rail railway signed this time is parallel to the existing line rice rail railway, which is a modern standard rail railway.

The Tanzania Central Line Standard Railroad is an important seaway connecting Tanzania and Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi and other neighboring countries to the Indian Ocean. It is also an important part of the Central Corridor Planning Network in the East African Region.

It is included in Tanzania’s National Vision 2025 and 2011-20. 25 Transportation Policy Implementation Strategy Key Projects in Railway Development Plan.

After the completion of this railway, Tanzania’s transportation capacity will be greatly improved and the transportation cost inland areas will be greatly reduced. It is also of great significance for improving the transportation situation of the whole East Africa and promoting regional economic development.

The main line of the project is 249 kilometers long, connecting Ithaca, an important northern town, to Mwanza, Tanzania’s second largest city.

The signing of the project coincides with the call between the leaders of the two countries and will play a greater role in economic cooperation between the two countries. Under the guidance of China Railway Construction’s “Overseas Priority”, the company will actively plan, carefully organize and conscientiously implement, provide China’s “intelligent” manufacturing for the infrastructure construction in Tanzania and East Africa, and shape China’s “brand”.

Since the construction of China’s largest foreign aid project, the Tanzan Railway, in the 1960s, Chinese civil engineering has been rooted in East Africa, and it was officially registered in Tanzania on April 7, 1981, becoming the earliest overseas residence of Chinese civil engineering overseas.

On January 1, 2007, East Central Africa Co., Ltd. was established, headquartered in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, and under four markets: Tanzania, Rwanda, Uganda and Burundi.

Over the past 40 years, China Civil has undertaken more than 60 projects in Tanzania, covering railways, highways, water supply, municipal, bridges, housing construction and other fields. 

It is one of the longest-established companies, the widest business scope and the strongest comprehensive strength among Tanzhong-funded companies.

Since the completion and transfer of the Tanzan Railway in 1976, Chinese civil engineering has participated in almost all the restoration and renovation of the Central Line existing railway project in Tanzania.

In December 2020, this century-old rice rail railway has been successfully renovated for 25 years and has taken on a new look after the efforts of several generations of Chinese civil teams.

In addition, since the official completion and transfer of the Tanzan Railway, Chinese Civil has always supported it on behalf of the Chinese government in the form of technical cooperation, and 15 phases have been completed so far.

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