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Taliban launched two attacks in Afghanistan on the 22nd, killing at least 6 people and injuring 12.

The TalibaChairman of the High Commission for National Reconciliation in Afghanistan calls on the Taliban to resume dialoguean call on the United States to implement its withdrawal commitment

Pompeo arrived in Doha, the capital of Qatar, and held talks with Taliban negotiators (Source: AFP)

November 23rd According to Tolo News, on the evening of the 22nd local time, Taliban militants launched attacks in Baghlan and Nimroz provinces in Afghanistan, killing at least 6 members of the security forces and injuring 12.

According to reports, from Baghlan Province, the Taliban attacked a convoy of government forces in Baghlan Province in the north on the 22nd, killing three soldiers and injuring six others.

Sources said that the convoy was ambushed by the Taliban on its way from Kunduz to Kabul, and the local security forces have not commented on the attack. The Taliban claimed responsibility for the attack.

In another incident, the Taliban attacked a security post in Chahansul district of Nimroz province, killing three policemen and injuring six others. However, there are also provincial councillors who said that a total of nine policemen were killed in the attack.

Previously, it was reported that negotiations between the Afghan government and the Taliban were launched in Qatar on September 12. The two sides hope to find a political solution, but the attacks on Afghan security forces by Taliban militants have not stopped.

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