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Syrian media said that Israel air strikes on western Syria

Syrian media said that Israel air strikes on western Syria

â–³Image source: Syrian National Television

Syrian media reported on December 25th local time that in the early morning of the same day, Israel launched an air strike on western Syria, and the Syrian air defense system launched an interception.

Syrian state television quoted Syrian military sources as saying that at about 00:40 local time on the 25th, Israel launched a number of missiles from the direction of the northern Lebanese city Tripoli into the Maysyaf area in Hama Governorate in western Syria.

Syrian air defense systems launched an interception and shot down most of the missiles. .

However, the report did not mention whether the air strike caused casualties.

Israel has long been targeting air strikes in Syria on the grounds of attacking Iranian military facilities.

But both the Syrian and Iranian governments deny that Iran has troops in Syria.

On November 18, the Israeli military launched an airstrike on southern Syria from the direction of the Golan Heights, killing three Syrian military personnel and injuring one soldier.

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