Sydney Beach Recurs Mass Infection, New Year’s Eve Measures Further Tightened

Data picture: Sydney under the epidemic. Photo by Tao Shelan, reporter of China News Service

December 30 According to Singapore’s News, Sydney, Australia, has seen a second coronavirus infection group, and the authorities have further tightened restrictions on the countdown to New Year’s Eve activities.

New South Wales Governor Berejiklian said on the 30th that 18 new confirmed cases were indirectly reported on the evening of the 29th local time, 9 of which came from Sydney’s northern beaches.

The new infection group appeared in Croydon, a suburb of Sydney’s inner west, where six confirmed cases were reported, and these six were related.

Considering that the number of confirmed cases in this group of infections will increase in the next few days, Berejiklian said that the number of New Year’s parties in Greater Sydney will not exceed five; the number of participants in outdoor activities will also be reduced from 50 to 30.

Berejiklian said, “We don’t want a super-spreading event on New Year’s Eve. Our top recommendation for people is staying at home.”

The cumulative number of confirmed cases related to the first infection group on Sydney’s northern beach has reached 138, and about 250,000 people there are still in lockdown.

In order to prevent the outbreak of the epidemic caused by a large crowd, Sydney has recently announced a reduction in the scale of fireworks performances on New Year’s Eve.