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Supporters have been accused by prosecutors for stealing the identity of deceased mother to vote for Trump.

Supporters have been accused by prosecutors for stealing the identity of deceased mother to vote for Trump.

Since the results of the U.S. election have been announced, Trump and his supporters have repeatedly accused his competitors of “fake votes”.

On the 22nd, the American media exposed an incident of voting in the name of a deceased mother. Embarrassingly, the faker voted for Trump.

On the 21st, local time, prosecutors in Delaware County, Pennsylvania, issued an announcement alleging a local man named Bruce Batman of allegedly embezzlement to vote in the general election.

According to US media reports, during the registration of this year’s U.S. election, Bruce, 70, applied for a mail-in ballot in the name of his mother who died 12 years ago.

Due to the poor supervision of the local voting system, after filling in several forms online, Bruce won without much effort. 

According to the verification of the authorities, Bruce voted for Republican candidate Trump in his and his mother’s name, and the false votes have been counted.

Later, Bruce, inspired by the first “victory”, tried to repeat the trick in the name of his deceased mother-in-law. This time, the local department responsible for collecting ballot papers found that the application was suspected of counterfeiting, and sent a confirmation letter to verify the identity of the applicant.

Although the bold Bruce forged his mother-in-law’s tone to reply, he failed to get the vote this time and buried a clue for his eventual seizure by the police.

Because Bruce claimed in his confession that his motive was “to help Trump re-elected”, coupled with Trump and his supporters’ repeated accusations of “counterfeiting votes” by the Democratic camp, the case has become an important political topic heatedly discussed by American netizens recently.

Netizens who have always disliked Trump are even more excited to sit by and watch this “turnover”. And many netizens who prefer Trump have to express their shameful statement of “vote fraud” in the face of the facts.

A considerable number of netizens also pointed out that Bruce’s first win also showed that there were major loopholes in the U.S. electoral system.

In view of the political sensitivity of the case, the supplementary statement made by the local prosecutor in informing the incident was also interesting.

Prosecutors say Bruce’s accusations have nothing to do with who he voted for. A prosecutor’s spokesman said that the local investigation team on election fraud had members from both parties in the United States to ensure a balanced direction of the investigation.

“Even if he voted for Biden, Donald Duck and Mickey Mouse, we will still investigate the case,” said local prosecutors.

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