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Suicide attack in northern Cameroon killed at least 13 civilians

The Government of Burkina Faso confirmed the killing of three missing foreigners

Yaoundé, January 8 A source of Cameroonian security forces said on the 8th that a suicide attack occurred in the country’s extreme north-east region near the Nigerian border in the early morning of the same day, killing at least 13 civilians.

The source, who asked not to be named, told Xinhua News Agency that the attack took place in the town of Mozogo, Mayo-Zanaga region, in the extreme north district, when most of the residents of the town had fallen asleep.

When suspected members of the extremist organization Boko Haram infiltrate, they were found by security forces and militias. One terrorist was killed, another terrorist detonated explosives, killing 13 civilians, and the attackers themselves.

Recently, Boko Haram has frequently carried out terrorist attacks on the border of Cameroon’s Far North Region.

In the early morning of January 4, terrorists killed three militiamen in the town of Mozogo.

December 23, 2020, 14 fishermen were kidnapped and killed by members of Boko Haram on Lake Chad.

Since the establishment of Boko Haram more than ten years ago, it has frequently created attacks against civilians and soldiers around the Lake Chad Basin, posing a security threat to neighboring Nigeria, Chad, Niger, Cameroon and other countries

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