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Study: Variant coronavirus spread in Spain two weeks ago

Spain's defence minister has confirmed that the death of a soldier in the country was linked to the vaccination of AstraZeneca's Coronavirus

On the 27th, an old woman in Madrid, Spain, was being vaccinated. ( Reuters)

According to a report by Spain’s El Paínional on January 6th local time, Valencia, Spain, found in a study that the virus samples of two confirmed cases of COVID-19 in the region about two weeks ago matched the variant of COVID-19 previously found in the United Kingdom.

But the two patients never went to the UK and had never had close contact with passengers arriving in the country from the UK. This means that the variant virus had spread in Spain two weeks ago.

Spain is still waiting for final research on the viral genome by researchers in Madrid and Andalusia to confirm whether there are more cases of variant COVID-19 infections that are not directly related to arriving passengers from the United Kingdom.

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