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Spokesman of the European Union answered reporters’ questions on the European Parliament’s adoption of the Xinjiang-related resolution

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Xi Jinping held a video meeting with the leaders of Germany, France and the European Union. Chinese and European leaders jointly announced the completion of the China-EU investment agreement negotiations on schedule.

Q: On December 17, the European Parliament passed a resolution accusing the Chinese government of “forced labor” against Xinjiang Uighur and other ethnic minorities. How does China comment on this?

Answer: In accordance with the provisions of the Labor Law, the Labor Contract Law and other laws and relevant administrative regulations, and on the basis of the principle of equality, voluntariness and consensus, Chinese citizens freely sign labor contracts with employers and obtain corresponding remuneration. They also enjoy complete freedom in choosing a place of employment.

This is true throughout China and Xinjiang in China. Workers of all ethnic groups in Xinjiang choose occupations according to their own will, and sign labor contracts with enterprises in accordance with the principle of equality and voluntariness in accordance with the law, and will not be discriminated against on the basis of ethnicity, gender and religious beliefs.

In Europe, there are also workers from their own or other European countries, as well as extraterritorial countries, working or engaging in seasonal labor, and there must be similar laws and regulations and practices.

The so-called “forced labor” and other issues are completely lies fabricated by some anti-China people. It is no secret that the “trader” and the usual methods behind those people are no longer secret.

The EU has always been vigilant against false information. This is the complete disinformation.

Some members of the European Parliament ignored the fact that the people of all ethnic groups in Xinjiang live and work in peace and contentment, blindly listened to and spread false information created by those who had no credibility and integrity, distorted the will of the people of all ethnic groups in Xinjiang to pursue a better life through legal labor into a “trocities” of the Chinese government, and maliciously attacked.

We express our strong dissatisfaction and firm opposition to the Chinese government’s ethnic policies and people’s livelihood measures, which have grossly interfered in China’s internal affairs through resolutions, which is a serious violation of the basic norms of international relations.

We urge relevant members of the European Parliament to respect the facts, abandon prejudices, respect the right of the people of all ethnic groups in Xinjiang to pursue a better life through labor, and stop using the Xinjiang-related issues for political manipulation and interference in China’s internal affairs.

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