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South Korea’s two former presidents both imprisoned, the largest opposition party apologizes to the people

South Korea’s two former presidents both imprisoned, the largest opposition party apologizes to the people

December 15 According to Yonhap News Agency, on the 15th, Kim Jong-in, chairman of the emergency response committee of the largest opposition party in South Korea, the “National Forces Party”, apologized to the court for the two presidents of the party in power.

According to reports , it is the first time that South Korean conservative party leaders have formally apologized for the issue of former President Lee Myung-bak and Park Geun-hye . It has been four years since the South Korean Congress passed the resolution to impeach Park Geun-hye.

Kim Jong-in held a press conference in the Korean National Assembly that day and stated that the two former presidents of South Korea are in custody at the same time, and hereby sincerely apologize to the general public for this issue . 

The president’s mistake was the mistake of the ruling party. As the ruling party at that time, our party failed to fulfill its responsibilities to lead the country well, and made a big mistake of not discovering the problems of ruling power early and making checks and balances.

Kim Jong-jen said that not only that, he still loves power, colluded with each other, failed to use his wisdom to listen to the voice of history, and even fought in danger, and failed to unite and overcome the crisis. 

After the impeachment, he should have feared the people like the sky, feared the self-respect and self-discipline, but lacked the attitude of reflection. The people are deeply disappointed by the performance of the stalemate, and I bow and apologize here.

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Kim Jong-in said that since the implementation of the constitutional government in South Korea, all previous presidents have suffered misfortunes.

Some have been exiled overseas (Lee Seung-man), some were shot by their confidants (Park Jeong-hee), and some were tied to court (Quan Doo-hwan, Noh Tae-woo). Some relatives went to jail one after another (Kim Young Sam, Kim Dae Jung), and some made extreme choices (Roh Moo Hyun), and none of them died in good faith. 

Today, two former presidents are in shackles. For the entire country, it is a miserable and shameful thing. This tragedy can no longer be repeated in Korean history. Our party is deeply introspecting historical mistakes and will change its mind through fundamental reforms and personnel reforms. 

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