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South Korea’s Spring Festival Gala is making trouble: playing folk music to promote “Korean Soul” The background appears in ancient Japanese buildings

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Japanese ancient architecture Himeji Castle

South Korean KBS TV station has recently made an own trouble. On the evening of February 11 (New Year’s Eve), the TV station launched a large-scale Spring Festival party, mainly focusing on the “National Music” program, aiming to promote the “Korean Soul” to the world.

As a result, in the background of the stage, the Japanese ancient buildings appeared awkwardly, causing an uproar in public opinion.

On the 19th, the TV station publicly apologized, saying that it was caused by the mistake of the outsourcing personnel, thinking that it was using the legendary “Dragon Palace” and it was not clear that it was Japanese architecture.

Poster of South Korea’s “Pop Again” program in South Korea

According to South Korea’s Central Daily, the Spring Festival Gala of South Korea’s KBS TV Station, called “North Korea Pop Again”, is claimed to focus on “national music”, and also takes into account other styles and types of music, intending to show “Korean pop music”.

On the night of Chinese New Year’s Eve, the program was broadcast as scheduled.

However, when the South Korean LeeNalchi Orchestra appeared and played the songs related to the Pansoli Shuigong Song, the stage background appeared in Japanese-style architecture.

On the 17th, the oolong operation of KBS TV station was exposed by South Korean netizens, which quickly caused controversy.

Netizens criticized it one after another, “This is not Korean architecture no matter how it looks at it, what’s going on?” Why do ancient Japanese architecture appear to promote Korean pop music?” Are you KBS or NHKBS?

After the incident, KBS TV first deleted all the videos of the own dragon, and then publicly apologized on the 19th, saying that the own dragon was caused by the operation error of the outsourcing designers.

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