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South Korea’s new military service law has been promulgated, and excellent artists will be able to defer their enlistment.

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South Korean Minister of Justice Cao Guo (left) leaves the government office building in Guochuan, South Korea, October 14, 2019. Xinhua News Agency Photo

According to Yonhap News Agency, the State Council of South Korea decided and promulgated amendments to the Military Service Law on the 22nd, which includes allowing outstanding personnel in the field of mass culture and art to postpone the recruitment date. The new regulations will be officially implemented six months after the date of promulgation.

The Ministry of Defense will formulate a presidential decree under the amendment, which stipulates that mass cultural and artistic personnel (artists) who have been awarded medals and awards can postpone the age of enlistment to 30 years on the recommendation of the Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism. Because BTS was awarded the Korean Government Corolla Cultural Medal in October 2018, it is a delayed entry date.

In addition, the amendment also stipulates that soldiers who need to be hospitalized for war and work-related injuries can continue to be delayed, and social service VIPs who use their positions to disclose, use, search and read personal information will be punished. These two provisions will enter into force immediately after the amendment is promulgated.

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