South Korea’s epidemic prevention department: mutant viruses entering the UK may be transmitted in the air

Yonhap news on December 28th, Zheng Yinjing, the head of the Central Epidemic Prevention and Response Headquarters of South Korea

Said at a regular press conference on the 28th that three confirmed cases of mutant COVID-19 from the United Kingdom and entered South Korea

Had been tested positive at the airport at the time, so the possibility of passengers on the same flight being infected cannot be ruled out.

Zheng Yinjing said that a family of three infected with the mutant virus entered South Korea on the

22nd and were directly transferred to isolation facilities after being diagnosed at the airport.

The epidemic prevention department requires most incoming passengers to enter isolation facilities for isolation and complete nucleic acid testing within three days of entry, thus minimizing the risk of community transmission.

At present, 62 passengers on the same flight are still under control, and the test results of 12 crew members are negative.

The epidemic prevention department is further testing and conducting contact investigation for relevant personnel.