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South Korean Prime Minister: South Korea will be vaccinated against the novel coronavirus by March next year at the latest.

South Korea actively considers joining the CPTPP

South Korean President Moon Jae-in

Yonhap News Agency on December 20th, South Korea’s State Prime Minister Ding Shijun said on the 20th that AstraZ vaccine is expected to be vaccinated in South Korea from February to March next year, while Pfizer, Yang Sen and Modner vaccines may wait until after March.

Ding Shijun said that the government hopes to start the vaccination process from February next year, but the specific supply time of the vaccine is not yet certain. Ten million doses will not be imported in the first quarter, but will be imported in turn.

Ding Shijun said that the South Korean Food and Drug Safety Department will approve the wide use of AstraZeneca vaccine early next year. Vaccinations can be administered at that time, regardless of FDA approval.

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