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South Korean Prime Minister: Domestic vaccine will be unveiled at the end of next year. South Korea will be the first to overcome the epidemic.

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South Korean State Prime Minister Ding Se-kyun (News Agency)

December 31st According to a report by Yonhap News Agency on the 31st, South Korean State Premier Ding Shijun presided over the meeting of the Central Disaster Safety Response Headquarters on the same day and said that the coronavirus vaccine independently developed by South Korea is expected to be unveiled at the end of next year (2021).

Ding Shijun said that the therapeutic drugs developed by South Korean enterprises entered the approval stage a few days ago, and foreign vaccines will start in China as early as February 2021.” I believe that based on ‘K-style epidemic prevention’ (K-epidemic prevention) plus therapeutic drugs and vaccines, South Korea will be the first to overcome the epidemic than any other country in the world.

South Korean researchers study the coronavirus vaccine ( Yonhap)

Recently, the epidemic situation in South Korea has spread rapidly, and collective infections have occurred frequently.

According to the report of the Central Epidemic Prevention and Response Headquarters of South Korea on the 31st, South Korea has 967 new confirmed cases in a single day, with a total of 60,740 confirmed cases, 21 new deaths and 900 deaths.

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