South Korean official: the third wave of pandemic trend in the capital circle

South Korean official: the third wave of pandemic trend in the capital circle

Seoul, November 20 South Korea’s pandemic prevention department said on the 20th that the pandemic in the capital circle showed a third wave of pandemic trend.

The outbreak in South Korea was brought under control after it broke out in Daegu in February. In August, due to the serious collective infection in the capital circle, the second wave of pandemic was caused.

Recently, the number of confirmed cases has soared. According to the report of the Central pandemic Prevention and Response Headquarters of South Korea, as of 00:00 local time on the 20th, 363 new cases have been reported in the past 24 hours; more than 300 new cases have been added in a single day for three consecutive days.

Among the new cases reported on the same day, 320 cases of community infection were reported, and more than 60% were concentrated in the capital circle. As of the 20th, the cumulative number of confirmed cases in Seoul reached 7,236, surpassing Daegu, the first outbreak of the pandemic in South Korea, and Seoul became the most confirmed area in South Korea.

Yin Tae-ho, head of the pandemic prevention department of the Central Accident Handling Department of South Korea, said at a press conference on the 20th that the pandemic situation in the capital circle is severe and the transmission speed is relatively fast, showing a third wave of pandemic trend.

On the 19th, many places, including the Capital Circle, raised the corresponding level of pandemic prevention to level 1.5. Yin Taihao said that if the pandemic continues to worsen, he will consider continuing to upgrade the pandemic prevention level.

South Korean Prime Minister Ding Se-kyun said on the same day that the pandemic is spreading among young people; in the past week, more than 52% of the confirmed cases were around 40 years old, many of whom were asymptomatic, making it more difficult to monitor the pandemic.

He asked the society to cooperate with the government’s pandemic prevention measures, and suggested that the company postpone the annual meeting and reduce unnecessary gatherings of the public.