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South Korean monk sentenced to 6 years for illegally spreading pornographic videos of “Room N”

South Korean monk sentenced to 6 years for illegally spreading pornographic videos of "Room N"

Photo Source: Yonhap

December 21 According to a Yonhap report, South Korean monk A was sentenced to six years in prison for suspected illegal dissemination of South Korea’s “N room” sexual exploitation video products.

On December 21, monk A (32 years old) was sentenced to six years’ imprisonment and fined 2.24 million won (about $2000) by the Suwon District Court of South Korea for violating laws on the sexual protection of children and adolescents.

He also received 120 hours of sexual violence treatment courses, and will be made public within 10 years. People inform and restrict their employment in relevant institutions for children and adolescents and welfare facilities for the disabled.

A is suspected of operating four obscene websites and illegally distributing more than 8,000 obscene video products from 2016 to March this year. In addition, A is also suspected of buying “N room” minor sexually exploited video products from a third party, and sold them more than 50 times at a price of more than 1.5 million won (about $1500).

A total of 1,260 sexual exploitation video products were found from items such as A mobile phone, including videos for children and adolescents.

However, A claims that it is not clear whether more than 400 characters in the sexually exploited video products he distributes and owns are children and adolescents. However, the court held that all but more than 40 of the 1,260 sexual exploitation video products were applicable to the conviction.

The court said: “As a Buddhist Caoxi Sect monk, the defendant forgets his role and commits evil acts wantonly. The illegal spread of sexual exploitation products has caused the victims to suffer secondary injuries, and it is inevitable to impose heavy sentences.”

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