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South Korean media: South Korean and American military launch consultations on the joint military exercise plan for 2021

South Korean troops found suspected North Korean residents in the eastern border area.

South Korea Joint Staff Headquarters and South Korea-United States Joint Command conducted joint military exercises code-named "Key Decisions". The picture shows South Korea's K-9 self-propelled howitzer entering the assembly area of the exercise.

December 31 According to South Korean media reports, the military of South Korea and the United States is currently negotiating a joint military exercise plan to be implemented in early 2021.

It is reported that South Korea and the United States usually hold large-scale joint military exercises in two parts from March to April and August every year.

Affected by the epidemic, the joint command post exercise originally scheduled for March to April 2020 has been postponed indefinitely, and the scale of the joint exercise in August has also been reduced.

The analysis points out that if the spread of the epidemic is not effectively contained, the scale of joint exercises in early 2021 will also be forced to be reduced, and the future assessment of the Joint Command’s “complete operational capability” (FOC) may continue to be affected.

According to the report, the South Korean Joint Staff Headquarters is communicating closely with the South Korean-American Joint Military Command and the United Nations Command on the joint exercise plan under the epidemic in 2021.

The two countries also plan to discuss the adjustment plan of the joint exercise in the light of the relationship with North Korea after President-elect Biden of the United States takes office.

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