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South Korea and Virtue and other countries will jointly investigate and analyze the haze pollution situation in western South Korea.

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December 13, according to the Ministry of Environment of South Korea and the National Academy of Environmental Sciences, the “Second International Joint Survey of Asian Air Quality” involving research institutions in South Korea, the United States, Germany and other countries will be conducted from 2021 to 2014.

According to a report by Yonhap News Agency on the 13th, the purpose of the investigation is to inspect and analyze Asian air quality satellite images obtained by South Korea’s environmental satellite launched in February this year, covering South Chungcheong Province and Capital Circle.

In addition to the National Academy of Environmental Sciences, research groups from Seoul University, Koryo University, Yonsei University, Ulsan University of Science and Technology will participate.

Research teams from NASA, the Belgian Institute of Aeronautics and Space, the Max Planck Institute of Germany and the University of Bremen will also participate in the investigation.

In the three months from October this year, research institutions in South Korea, the United States and Belgium have carried out preliminary research work of the second international survey with the target of the Ruishan region.

South Korea’s Ministry of Environment believes that through this survey, it can scientifically analyze air pollution such as winter haze in the western region, and formulate countermeasures to improve air quality based on the results of the survey and analysis.

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