South Africa will ban the hunting of lions in captivity

South Africa will ban the hunting of lions in captivity, South African media reported on May 2nd local time. In the future, the rule will clash sharply with the country’s tens of millions of yuan-a-year lion hunting and captivity industry, and will have an impact on the country’s tourism industry.

South Africa will ban captive lion hunting or captive lions as pets in the future, but south Africa will not ban planned hunting of iconic animals such as lions under legal supervision, said Barbara Crissy, South Africa’s environment, forest and fisheries minister.

Hunting captive lions has been controversial in South Africa. Prior to the outbreak, South Africa attracted large numbers of people from all over the world to hunt every year. The decision was made recently after a study by South Africa’s Ministry of Environment, Forestry and Fisheries into the dispute.

At present, the provision still needs time for legislation and publicity.