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South Africa prepares to manufacture hydrogen fuel cells as an alternative energy source

South Africa's president has signed a new law in fight against corruption

△ South African President Ramaphosa debates in Parliament

February 19, South African local media reported that after more than a decade of research and development around hydrogen fuel technology, President Ramaphosa said that South Africa was ready to manufacture hydrogen fuel cells and use them as an alternative energy source.

Through South Africa’s hydrogen energy strategy, the government and its partners have successfully deployed hydrogen fuel cells, which will provide electricity to schools and hospitals, and will also play a role in the response to the novel coronavirus epidemic.

Ramaphosa said the government is building an industrial cluster that brings together various hydrogen applications across the country to form an “an integrated hydrogen ecosystem”.

Through this program, South Africa’s technology and knowledge will be used to obtain greater economic value from a large number of local minerals, including the creation of new jobs, industrial development and the use of clean energy.

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