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South Africa celebrates Armed Forces Day

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△The picture shows the information picture of Tito Mbowini, Minister of Finance of South Africa. He said that the downgrade of South Africa's sovereign credit rating by the two institutions is "very painful" for South Africa

The South African Presidential Palace issued a notice on February 21 local time that South Africa held a celebration of Armed Forces Day to pay tribute to the South African defense officers and soldiers who died in the line of duty and thank the South African National Defense Forces for its contribution to the country.

On February 21, South African Defense Force Commander-in-Chief and South African President Ramaphosa presided over the celebration of Armed Forces Day at Cape Good Hope Castle in Cape Town.

Ramaphosa said that in peacetime, in war, and in times of stability and prosperity, the South African National Defense Force has always been the cornerstone on which the South African National Defense Force has done in the fight against the epidemic is particularly commendable.

△Picture from the website of the South African presidential palace

The celebration of South African Armed Forces Day is held annually to broaden public awareness of the role of the South African Defence Force in the life of the country.

On the same day, the South African Air Force held a flight show in Cape Town, and Ramaphosa laid a wreath to the military memorial.

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