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Song Yong-ji was elected the new head of South Korea’s ruling party

Song Yong-ji was elected the new head of South Korea's ruling party

Song Yongji

South Korea’s ruling Communist Democratic Party elected a new party leader on May 2 local time, the 58-year-old Song Yong-ji was elected.

In his election speech, Song Yongji said he would shoulder the heavy responsibility of regaining the hearts of the people and promoting reform within the Party, and forge ahead on the road to change for victory.

The Common Democratic Party held a national congress of deputies in Seoul on Tuesday, where Song Yong-ji won a total of 35.6 percent of the vote, party members’ surveys and opinion polls.

The other two candidates, Hong Yongxuan and Yu Yuanzhi, won 35.01 per cent and 29.38 per cent of the vote respectively.

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