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Some coronavirus patients in the UK have a wrong sense of smell and smell strong smells inexplicably.

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Some coronavirus patients in the UK have a wrong sense of smell. ( Photo Source: Sky News Network)

December 27th – As the symptoms of COVID-19 further appear, some people infected with the novel coronavirus in the UK have distorted their sense of smell for weeks or months.

British experts say this unusual side effect is “a misplaced smell” or a disproportionate impact on young people and medical staff.

According to Sky News, patients with odor distortion can smell strong smells such as fish and sulfur without the appearance of related objects. British otolaryngologist Nirmal Kumar believes that this symptom is “very strange and rare”.

Prof Kumar, an ear, nose and throat specialist, urged the public health department to include this symptom on the list of symptoms of COVID-19.

According to the report, AbScent, a British charity that helps people with smell disorders, is currently working with the British Nasal Science Association to develop a treatment.

They recommend that people suffering from mild illness should receive “scent training”, including smelling roses, lemons, cloves and tree oil for about 20 seconds a day, in order to gradually regain their sense of smell.

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