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Snowfall is close to the record. Moscow is busy sweeping snow.

Snowfall is close to the record. Moscow is busy sweeping snow.

On February 1st, local time, in Manhattan, New York, a staff member drove a snow truck to clear the snow on the sidewalk. Photo by Wang Fan, reporter of China News Service

Moscow, the capital of Russia, was hit by a blizzard last week, and the snowfall was close to an all-time high.

The municipal department sent about 70,000 staff to clean up the snow area on the 14th.

On the 14th, the German News Agency quoted Peter Bilyukov, deputy mayor of Moscow, as saying that municipal workers have cleaned more than 1 million cubic meters of snow on the road, which will last for up to five days.

Bilyukov promised to set up a rest stop near the Moscow Expressway Loop to provide food and drink for drivers trapped on the road due to heavy snow.

The emergency department said that the roofs of some buildings collapsed by snow.

Two people have been killed in an accident during the heavy snow so far in Moscow.

According to the source of Deimos Meteorological Center, the Russian International Telegraph International Telegraph reported that the snow in Moscow reached 59 centimeters on the morning of the 14th, only 1 centimeter lower than the record high set in 1956.

Meteorologists predict that Moscow will not have such heavy snow in the next few days.

Snow began to fall in Moscow on the 11th, and the temperature dropped to minus 15 degrees Celsius.

In just over a day, the snowfall in Moscow is equivalent to about 75% of the average snowfall in February of previous years.

Blizzard caused traffic jams in Moscow, and more than 80 flights were delayed at three airports, and some flights were cancelled.

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