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Slovakia’s first mutant coronavirus strain has been found

British officials: There are about 4,000 Variant coronaviruses around the world, and the vaccine is still effective.

January 4th, local time, Marek Krajčí, the Slovak Health Minister, confirmed on social media that medical experts first detected the novel coronavirus B.1.1.7 outbreak, which began to spread from the United Kingdom in Michalovce in the eastern part of the country.

Variant strain, but Krajić did not disclose the number of cases infected with the mutant strain.

Krajić said that the mutant strain was likely to have appeared in Slovakia in late December last year.

At that time, due to the traditional Western holidays, there were frequent people between Slovakia and Britain.

According to the requirements of Slovak epidemic prevention regulations, from 00:00 on December 21, 2020, passengers from the United Kingdom to Slovakia must be quarantined upon arrival and tested for RT-PCR on the fifth day after entry.

Only those who are negative can end the quarantine.

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