Six mutant COVID-19 infections appear in Greece for the first time

On the evening of January 3rd local time, Greek state television reported that six passengers arriving in Greece were diagnosed with mutant COVID-19 in laboratory tests.

The six people arrived in Greece from the United Kingdom on flights on December 21 and 22 last year, and tested positive for the novel coronavirus virus at the airport. Subsequent laboratory tests found that all six people were infected with mutant COVID-19. They are all under the age of 30 and are all asymptomatic.

Four of them were infected with mutant COVID-19, which was found in the United Kingdom, and the other two infected with mutant viruses that were found in Thailand.

At present, all six people are quarantined in designated hotels and will be tested for COVID-19 again within 10 days. Passengers on the same flight with the six people are under epidemiological surveillance.