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Six dead including five children in a shooting at a shelter in the United States

One person has been killed in a shooting at a connecticut bar

Four people have been injured in multiple shooting incidents in Monroe County, Pennsylvania, United States.

According to ABC, on the 2nd local time, a shooting incident occurred in a shelter in Oklahoma, killing six people, including five children. At present, the suspect has been detained.

ABC quoted police officer Hamlin as saying that the shooting took place in a shelter in Muskogee, state. At 1:30 a.m. on the same day, the police received many call calls.

Upon arrival at the scene, it was found that an adult man and four children were killed, and the fifth child died in the hospital later. The police then detained the suspected gunman Prikin.

Hamlin reportedly said that the suspect and the victim were both living in the shelter, and their relationship was not clear at present.” Obviously it is not random (killing) because they live in this shelter together, but we don’t know what their relationship is like yet.” said the police officer.

Hamlin also reportedly mentioned that the suspect Priggin did not cooperate with the police investigation.

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