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Singapore sent personnel to participate in the investigation of the crash of Indonesia’s Airlines

Singapore sent personnel to participate in the investigation of the crash of Indonesia's Sanfoqi Airlines

△Singapore investigators participate in the investigation on the spot (Photo Source: Ministry of Transport of Singapore)

The Ministry of Transport of Singapore issued a notice on the 17th local time that the Singapore Traffic Safety Investigation Bureau has sent two investigators to participate in the field investigation of the crash of Indonesia’s Airlines.

The investigation team arrived in Jakarta on the evening of January 13.

Singapore’s Transport Minister Wang Yikang said on social media on the 17th that the combined experience of the two investigators in the field of aircraft crash investigation has a total of 18 years.

One of them specializes in black boxes.

He is currently working with the local committee in Jakarta to interpret the black box data found.

The other is an aircraft maintenance engineer.

He is currently studying the found wreckage of the aircraft in the port of Rongbulu, Jakarta.

Wang Yikang said: “This is a detailed and complex work.

Some data have been found, and we hope that there will be more positive developments in the next few days.

Indonesian Sanfoqi Airlines SJ182 flew from Jakarta to Kundian on the afternoon of January 9.

Shortly after take-off, it crashed in the waters off Raj Island.

At present, a black box of the crashed plane has been found.

Air crashes are usually triggered by a series of accidents, and investigations often take months or even years, aviation investigators say.

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