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She claimed that she had visited the Yasukuni Shrine “in a good mood” and thundered!

She claimed that she had visited the Yasukuni Shrine "in a good mood" and thundered!

Japanese voice actress Ai Chino.

Japanese voice actor Ai Chino recently exposed that he was criticized for visiting the Yasukuni Shrine. At present, the audio in question has been removed, and the tweet has been deleted. However, the incident continues to ferment. Whether Chino Aiyi will apologize for this raises concerns.

On the 11th, on New Year’s Eve when the Chinese people celebrated the Year of the Ox, Chiye Aiyi revealed that he visited the Yasukuni Shrine on the resident radio program “Pray for After Work” (the 152nd). She said that her place of work was near the Yasukuni Shrine, and because there was still some time, she visited the Yasukuni Shrine. She also said that the Yasukuni Shrine is “a place that makes people feel good.” “Let us bow and salute.”

As a voice actor, Ai Chino has dubbed well-known animations such as “Magic Forbidden Book Catalog II”, “We still don’t know the name of the flower we saw that day”, “Guilty Crown”, and “The Kingdom of Jewels” . He also has many fans in China.

His visit to the Yasukuni Shrine caused strong criticism from Chinese fans.

Japanese netizens can’t see it anymore, saying:

“Although I like Chino Aiyi, I really can’t visit the Yasukuni Shrine.”

“I regret that Ai Chino paid homage to the Yasukuni Shrine.”

“The Yasukuni Shrine is a place where war criminals are enshrined. This is a serious issue. This incident has been fermented on Chinese social media and will have a negative impact on Chiye-related works and future work. I hope Chiye and the staff will make a proper response as soon as possible. deal with.”

“Regarding the imprudent actions of a certain shrine, do you know how much trouble you have caused (referring to Ai Chino) office, colleagues and many works? Hurry up and apologize.”

Some Japanese media reported that the incident was still fermenting in the past few days, and whether Chino Aiyi would apologize for this has caused concern.

At present, the audio in question has been taken down, and the related tweets have been deleted. But the radio program is still being updated normally.

As of press time, Ai Chino has not yet responded to the visit to the Yasukuni Shrine. Whether it will apologize for this in the future is concerned.

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