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Several WHO experts commented on the New York Times’ China-related report: taken out of context, “too shameless”!

"American politicians should stop destroying WHO"

Several WHO experts commented on the New York Times' China-related report: taken out of context, "too shameless"!

Several American media, including the New York Times, recently published articles and quoted many WHO experts as saying that some behaviors of China seriously hindered the investigation process of the joint expert group of the World Health Organization’s coronavirus traceability study.

However, after the report was released, the experts quoted in the article successively refuted the rumors, saying that their views were distorted, accusing the New York Times of being “shameless”.

Peter Daszak, consultant on pathogens of the World Health Organization and chairman of the EcoHealth Alliance, a non-profit organization in the United States, tweeted: “This is not the experience I have gained in the mission of the World Health Organization, as an animal.

Head of the Environment Working Group, I feel that my Chinese colleagues are frank and trustworthy. We have important new data (in the survey) and we have learned more about the way the virus spreads.”

Thea K Fischer, a public health expert who heads the World Health Organization’s Measles, Rubella, Flu and Polio Reference Laboratory, also tweeted that the New York Times story seriously distorted what she said: “It’s not what I got on the epidemiology team. Experience.

The Chinese side has established good relations with the international epidemiological team, and the heated discussions [we] have also reflected the high degree of participation [Chinese side]. The profound distortions of what we say are cast a shadow over important scientific work.”

After receiving Fischer’s response, Dazak once again said that the behavior of the American media was “disappointing” and “shameless”.

“It’s really disappointing that what our colleagues said after explaining to reporters the important results of our month-long survey in China were used out of context by the media to compile their own stories before the work began,” he said. The New York Times is so shameless!”

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