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Several senior Iranian officials spoke out and severely condemned the assassination of Iranian nuclear scientists.

South Korea's Foreign Ministry met with the Iranian ambassador about the arrest of the tanker, and the crew was reported to be unharmed.

After the incident of Muhsin Fakrizad, the head of the research and innovation organization of the Iranian Ministry of Defense, several senior Iranian officials have severely condemned the act.

According to the Iranian Student News Agency, Iranian Foreign Minister Zarif issued a statement strongly condemning the assassination and terrorist acts against Muhsin Fakrizad, the head of the Iranian Ministry of Defense Research and Innovation Organization.

Amir Abdullahyan, the Special Assistant to the Speaker of the Iranian Parliament for International Affairs, said that “the enemy will not stop its conspiracy and believe that the enemy is naive.”

Iran’s Supreme Leader’s defense adviser, Hussein Dekhgan, said in a social media post that Iran will always be vigilant and will land on the murderers like lightning to make them regret their actions.

According to Iran’s official news agency, Iran’s official news agency, Mohammed Bagri, the Chief of General Staff of the Iranian Armed Forces, expressed condolences on the death of Iran’s senior nuclear energy and missile scientist Fakrizad and strongly condemned the enemy’s assassination.

Bagri said that Fakrizad was one of the senior officials of Iran’s defense industry, which brought the country’s defense capabilities to a deterrent level.

Although Fakrizad’s death was a heavy blow to Iran’s defense industry, the enemy should understand that Iran will continue to move along its path and will never stop. Terrorists and their planners must know that what awaits them is severe revenge, and Iran will never give up until the perpetrators are punished.

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