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Serious water shortage! Texas residents in the United States: the simplest things in life can’t be done

Serious water shortage! Texas residents in the United States: the simplest things in life can't be done

△ Albania has widespread snow and strong windy weather

At present, electricity in Texas has gradually resumed, and the water department is sending maintenance personnel to restore water supply as soon as possible, but hundreds of communities still face water shortages. Brian and Dalecia, who live in Dallas, are currently facing a very difficult situation. Because of the lack of water, it is difficult to do it because of the usual things such as taking medicine and taking a bath.

Water-scarce residents in Dallas: Life is difficult. We can’t take a shower and do simple things. We need to take medicine, but water is difficult to find. Now we can’t do the simple things we usually do to survive.

Dalecia tried to go to the grocery store to buy water and food, but the shelves were already empty.

Dallas Resident Darecia: I went to the grocery store and bought 10 bottles of this water, which is what we rely on. The bread is gone, the milk is gone, the biscuits are gone, and the shelves are empty.

And the couple don’t know how long it will last.

Dallas Resident Brian: We contacted the local water department. They didn’t give any information about the repair and the next plan. It was too difficult. I even want to bring the snow in and flush the potty. We’ll do it next.

At present, there are still a large number of pipelines to be repaired in many parts of Texas, but they are facing shortages of manpower.

Guliosa, Media and Communications Coordinator, Water Department of Fort Worth: The challenge now is that all valves are seeping, causing the system to be overpressured. All our staff are working around the time, and we have hired a contractor to help us repair the main gate.

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