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Senior Russian official: Hopeless for the new U.S. government to improve Russian-American relations

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December 24th local time, Mattwienko, chairman of the Committee of the Russian Federation (Upper House of Parliament), told the outside world that after Russia took office the new government of the United States, there was no hope for the improvement of bilateral relations between the two countries.

Matveyanko said that the current announced cabinet members of the Biden administration are well known about their positions on Russia’s relations, and Russia has no illusions about these people.

Matviyanko said he hoped that the current serious situation facing the world would allow the new members of the U.S. government to assume their responsibilities, and that bilateral relations between Russia and the United States would affect the world situation.

According to Russian media reports, the previous day, Russian President Putin said that he did not expect any changes in Russian-US relations after Biden took office.

Commenting on the view that Russia may face greater difficulties after the change of leadership in the United States, Putin said: “I don’t think so. Everything will go as usual.” Biden is expected to take a tougher stance than Trump in Russia, the report said.

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