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Senior officials of the Indian army: China sent the J-20 as soon as it was equipped with “gusts of wind”

Senior officials of the Indian army: China sent the J-20 as soon as it was equipped with "gusts of wind"

Indian Air Force Chief of Staff Badauria Source: Indian media

According to the Times of India on the 4th, RKS Bhadauria, the chief of staff of the Indian Air Force, announced on Thursday that India has fully deployed at the China-India border to deal with border tensions.

Badauria also claimed that the service of the “Graze” fighter caused Chinese concerns, because after the Indian Air Force installed the “Graze” fighters, China deployed J-20 fighters near the border.

Badauria said in an interview, “The current situation [on the China-India border] is that negotiations are still going on. We have deployed the necessary troops, and everything depends on how the negotiations progress.

Many people are paying attention to this problem. If the demodation and disengagement begin, it will be a good thing. If nothing happens, or something new, we’re well prepared.”

Badauria said: “The Chinese army is strengthening its air defense capabilities.

We will change our deployment or readiness level based on what we see on the ground.” In addition, Bada Uriya also said: “China deployed J-20 fighters near Leh City, and the Indian gust of wind fighters was deployed there as soon as it entered service.

We understand China’s actions and capabilities, and we are taking the necessary steps.

J-20 fighter

When asked if the service of the Gusty Wind fighter caused concern on the Chinese side, Bada Uria replied, “Of course!” Regarding how India’s domestic LCA Shining fighters will help the strength of the Air Force squadron, he said: “By installing Shining the fighters, we have stopped the trend of declining fighter squadrons.

Now we have reversed this trend and begun to scale up.”

“Gant Wind” fighter equipped by India

India received the first “Graze” fighters in July 2020.

After the first “Graze” fighters were delivered to India, some Indian Air Force experts said that the “Graze” fighters outperformed the J-20 in terms of engine, combat capability, weapon payload, combat experience and missile performance carried.

Ragunata Nambir, the former deputy chief of general staff of the Indian Air Force who went to France to test fly the “Gangst” fighter, said that the “Gangst” performance was far better than that of the Chinese J-20 fighters.

Said: “Although the J-20 is called the fifth generation, it is at best the third and a half generations. It is equipped with the same engine as on our Su-30MKI fighters.”

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