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Samsung head Li Zaiying’s first stop of New Year’s inspection calls for the joint construction of “New Samsung”

Yangon, Myanmar, mobile data connection and some telephone services were interrupted.

Yonhap News Agency on January 4th, Samsung Electronics Vice President Lee Jae-ye came to the Pyeongze Factory on the 4th and clarified his determination to build a new Samsung at the first stop of the New Year’s inspection.

According to Samsung Electronics, after attending the production equipment moving in the Foundry Factory of Pingze No. 2 Factory on the same day, Li discussed the medium- and long-term development strategy with the semiconductor business president group.

Called for the construction of a new Samsung in the new year. As long as we work together, we can create a wonderful future together.

Samsung will work with suppliers, academia and research institutions to create a healthy ecology and create myths again in the system semiconductor market.

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