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Russia’s arms sales continue to make efforts, and will sell Su-57E fighters to partners…

Russia's arms sales continue to make efforts, and will sell Su-57E fighters to partners...

Russia is willing to put the latest fighter Su-57E

Strategic partners sold to Russia

In the past decade

Russia continues to make efforts in the field of arms sales

Despite the impact of sanctions and the epidemic

Annual sales still remain about $15 billion.

Russia is willing to strategic partners

Sell the latest Su-57E fighters

According to a report by the Russian Satellite News Agency on the 20th, Mikhev, the head of the Russian Defense Export Corporation, said that Russia was willing to sell the latest fifthgeneration fighter Su-57E to Russia’s strategic partners.

Mikheyev said that Russia is currently holding preliminary consultations with some countries in the world on the supply of the fifth-generation multi-purpose fighter Su-57E. If Russia’s strategic partners are interested, the Russian Defense Export Corporation is willing to provide the Su-57E to them.

It is reported that the Su-57E is an export version of the Russian-Su-57 fighter, which has the characteristics of supersonic cruise, high stealth, super mobility and so on.

The Su-57 is the fifth generation of Russian fighter jet, which has taken 10 years from the first successful flight to the first mass production aircraft.

As a single-seat double-engine stealth multi-functional heavy fighter developed by Russia, the Su-57 has a maximum take-off weight of 35 tons, a supersonic cruise speed of 1,450 kilometers per hour, a combat radius of 1,200 kilometers, a combat payload of 6 tons, and built-in four weapons cabins, with air combat and ground attack capabilities.

Su-57 fighters were developed by Sukhoi Company, which belongs to the Russian United Aviation Manufacturing Group, in the 1990s. The experimental stage is called T-50 fighters, which is used to replace the main types of Russian Su-27 and MiG-29.

In January 2010, the first T-50 prototype was successfully tested. It was officially named Su-57 on August 11, 2017, and the test was completed in March 2018.

In June 2019, the Russian Air Force signed an order to buy Su-57 fighters, and the same year, this model was put into mass production.

On December 26, 2020, the first mass-produced Su-57 fighter aircraft entered service with the Russian Southern Military Region Aviation Regiment and will be tested on the ground and flight at the Ahtubinsk National Test Center.

According to the plan announced by the Russian Ministry of Defense, the Russian army will equip three Air Force aviation regiments with 76 Su-57 fighters by 2028.

Russia continues to make efforts in the field of arms sales

Annual sales are about $15 billion.

Mikhev, head of the Russian Defense Export Corporation, also said on the 20th that despite global difficulties that objectively affect the world economy, including the arms market, the export of military products of the Russian Defense Export Corporation in 2020 remained at the 2019 level.

It is reported that Russia has continued to exert efforts in the field of arms sales in the past decade, with annual sales of about $15 billion.

Of this, the Russian Defense Export Corporation accounted for about 13 billion US dollars, and the remaining 2 billion US dollars came from Russian Defense Industrial System enterprises with independent access to the world arms market.

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