Russian universities will resume classes one after another from February 7

The Russian Ministry of Science and Higher Education issued an executive order on the 29th, requiring its students from Moscow and St. Petersburg to resume classes from February 7.

The Russian Ministry of Science and Higher Education also recommends that local universities make similar decisions in response to the epidemic situation in the region.

According to the executive order, colleges and universities should deploy epidemic prevention measures in advance, including requiring people entering the campus to wear masks and maintain social distance, and installing disinfectants on campus.

The executive order will take effect on February 7, but colleges and universities will resume classes on Monday, February 8.

The order also stipulates that if the epidemic rebounds, colleges and universities should resume distance learning in time.

Beginning on 13 November 2020, higher education institutions in Moscow and St. Petersburg, which are under the Russian Ministry of Science and Higher Education, have switched to distance learning.

As of January 29, Moscow time, there have been 19,238 new confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Russia in the past 24 hours, with a total of 3813,048 confirmed cases.