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Russian opposition personage Navaline announced that he would return to Moscow from Germany on January 17.

Navaline is about to return to Moscow tonight. After disboarding, he may be arrested immediately.


January 13th, local time, Navalline, a Russian opposition in Germany, tweeted that he was basically healthy and decided to return to Moscow, the Russian capital, on January 17.

“Go back or not, the question never came before me because I didn’t think about leaving. When I arrived in Germany, I was in a severe coma.

On a Sunday, January 17th, I will be flying home on Victory Airlines (Russian budget airline). Navaline wrote on Twitter on the 13th.

According to the BBC on the 13th, Navaline plans to return to Moscow on January 17 on Victory Airlines flight DP-936.

The plane is expected to land at Vonukovo International Airport at 19:20 Moscow time on the 17th.

Navaline appealed that his supporters could meet at the airport at that time.

In addition, Navalline said that his body had basically recovered.

When he found that all rehabilitation treatments could be completed at home, he began to consider returning to Russia.

In August 2020, Navaline was transferred to Germany for further treatment after being briefly admitted to Moscow after suffering from poisoning and falling into a coma while on a flight from Siberia, Russia to Moscow.

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