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Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs: Sweden, Poland and Germany have no basis for expelling Russian diplomats

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△Zakhlova (Image source: Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs)

February 8th local time, Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman Zakharova commented on Sweden, Poland and Germany’s expulsion of Russian diplomats.

Zakharova believes that the expulsion of Russian diplomats by three European countries is unfounded and unfriendly. Zakharova stressed that the expulsion of Russian diplomats is a continuation of Western interference in Russia’s internal affairs.

According to Zakharova, in recent years, Western countries have never provided Russia with any explanatory materials when expelling Russian diplomats.

When Russia expelled European diplomats, it provided the parties with evidence and explanatory materials. The decision made by Russia is based on facts, not on simple political gestures.

On the evening of February 5th local time, the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced on its website that three diplomats from Sweden, Poland and Germany were listed as undesirable and asked the three to leave Russia as soon as possible.

On February 8, Sweden, Poland and Germany announced reprisals against Russia and expelled Russian diplomats from their own countries.

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