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Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs: Oppose the interference of the U.S. Embassy in Russia’s internal affairs

Russian Foreign Ministry: Afghans fall from U.S. military plane shocking

Russian Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Zakharova (TASS)

January 23, local time, Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman Zakharova said that the Russian Foreign Ministry had urgently summoned American diplomats in Russia.

Russia asked the U.S. diplomats to explain the U.S. Embassy’s announcement of the time and place of the demonstrations in major Russian cities on January 23.

On the same day, the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued a statement on its official website firmly opposing the interference of the U.S. Embassy in Russia in Russia’s internal affairs.

The statement pointed out that despite Russia’s opposition to incite violence in Russia, and even try to involve minors in these illegal assemblies, the various actions of the United States will have a serious negative impact on the relations between the two countries.

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