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Russian and U.S. Foreign Ministers: We are willing to continue consultations with the participation of other countries to create conditions for intra-Arab dialogue

A state of emergency has been imposed in an area of Russia over forest fires

Russian Foreign Ministry Building.

MOSCOW, Aug. 17 2021 The Russian Foreign Ministry announced on the 16th that russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov should meet with U.S. Secretary of State Brinton on the situation in Afghanistan by telephone.

During the period, the two sides expressed their willingness to continue consultations with the participation of China, Pakistan, other relevant countries and representatives of the United Nations to create conditions for the opening of inclusive intra-Afghan dialogue in the new context.

The sources said the two sides discussed the departure of Afghan leaders from the country, the collapse of the current Afghan government and de facto regime change in the country.

During the call, Lavrov briefed the Russian side on its assessment of the current situation in Afghanistan and the contacts between the Russian Embassy in Afghanistan and representatives of all major political forces in Afghanistan, the sources said. Blinken briefed the United States on the measures taken to evacuate its embassy personnel in Afghanistan and the urgent humanitarian action needed to address the current situation.

Afghan National Reconciliation High Commission Chairman Abdullah Abdullah said on social media on the 15th, Afghan President Asif Ghani has left Afghanistan. On the evening of the 15th, a Taliban spokesman said that Taliban militants had entered the capital Kabul.

Russian Federal Council (upper house of parliament) Chairman of the International Affairs Committee Karasin 16, said the Russian Embassy in Afghanistan is still in operation, hoping to streamline the liaison with Afghanistan.

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