Russian Ambassador to the United States: Russia is willing to have a dialogue with the United States on the INF issue

△Russian Consulate General in New York

Russian Satellite News Agency on January 21st, Russian Ambassador Antonov said in an interview with Satellite News Agency that if the government of the new U.S. President Biden intends to find a mutually acceptable solution, Russia is willing to talk to the United States on the issue of medium-range and short-range missiles.

Moscow is about mutual The moratorium on the deployment of such missiles remains in force.

Antonov said, “Our proposal is still on the table. If the new U.S. government intends to find a mutually acceptable solution to the problem of intermediate-range and short-range missiles, we are willing to do such a work.

He pointed out that Russia is fully aware of the risk of escalating the missile race due to the collapse of the INF Treaty of the United States.

Antonov warned, “In the past year, Russia has adhered to its unilateral commitment not to deploy intermediate-range and short-range missiles around the world. Until the United States-made intermediate-range and short-range missiles appeared on the territory of other countries.

We have suggested that the United States and its NATO partners take the same measures.

However, the suspension proposal we went against each other was rejected.

Antonov said that Washington is committed to accelerating the development of weapons prohibited by the INF Treaty.

He concluded, “As far as Russia is concerned, we will do our best to prevent things from going in the worst direction.”