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Russia : Stop Military Operations in Naka Region

Russia : Stop Military Operations in Naka Region

According to RIA Novosti’s latest news quoted by Putin’s press secretary Peskov

Russian President Putin, Armenian Prime Minister Pashinyan, and Azerbaijani President Aliyev signed a joint statement announcing the cessation of military operations in the Naka region.

official website of the Kremlin issued a statement by President Putin. 

Putin pointed out in the statement that he signed a joint statement with Armenian Prime Minister Pashinyan and Azerbaijani President Aliyev on the 9th, announcing a complete ceasefire in the Naka region from 0:00 on November 10, Moscow time.

Azerbaijan and Armenia The military forces of Russia will stay in their current positions, and Russian peacekeeping forces will be deployed on the line of contact in the Naka region and the channel connecting the Naka region with Armenia.

Putin emphasized that the consensus reached between the three countries will consider the interests of the people of Armenia and Azerbaijan on the basis of justice, and create conditions for a long-term and comprehensive resolution of the Naka crisis.

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