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Russia performs special surgery on primate brain tumors, the first case in the world.

7 cases of H5N8 avian influenza have been found in Russia, but no human-to-human transmission cases have occurred.

Source/Russian Sputnik News Agency

February 9 According to the Russian Sputnik News Agency on the 9th, Russian doctors have recently realized the treatment of injecting chemicals into primate brain tumors for the first time worldwide.

This method can be used in the future to treat human head and neck tumors that are difficult to reach by drugs.

Russian scientists said that the operation was carried out at the Primate Medical Research Institute in Sochi on the 5th. The mission of scientists is mainly to assess the toxicity and preservation of brain cognitive function.

In the future, this method can be used to treat human diseases and minimize the impact of toxic chemical therapeutic drugs on healthy organs.

The mechanism of action is to make chemotherapy drugs act directly on tumors through blood vessels that supply blood to the brain.

β€œThe main task of the experiment was to understand whether the brain tissue of primates was damaged,” said Andrei Kaplin, chief extra-compiling oncology expert at

Russian Ministry of Health and general manager of the National Center for Medical Research Radiology of the Russian Federation.” The brain structure is very sophisticated, and such experiments have taken a huge step forward.

We want us to be the first to find this approach.”( Overseas Network Wang Shanning)

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