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Russia holds large-scale strategic nuclear force exercise

Russia holds large-scale strategic nuclear force exercise

On May 18, 2015, U.S. Navy soldiers witnessed the nuclear-powered aircraft carrier George Washington leave Yokosuka Naval Base in Japan. George Washington was incorporated into the 7th Fleet in 2008 and took the Yokosuka Naval Base in Kanagawa Prefecture as her home port. Xinhua News Agency/AFP

December 11th. The website of Russia reported on December 10 that the Russian military conducted offensive strategic force command training under the leadership of President Putin on the 9th local time. The training results confirm the reliability of Russia’s nuclear weapons system and the effectiveness of its various missiles.

The Russian Ministry of Defense issued an announcement: “During the training process, the Strategic Rocket Launch Team, the Strategic Missile Bomber Unit of the Air Force Long-range Aviation Force and the officers and soldiers of a missile nuclear submarine in the Northern Fleet have practiced the actual operation.”

According to the report, the Russian Ministry of Defense released a video of the launcher launched the Yars intercontinental ballistic missile by a mobile launcher located at the Plesetsk launch site.

In addition, the Russian military also released a video of the Northern Fleet’s strategic nuclear submarine Karelia launching the “Sineva” ballistic missile from the seawater of Barents.

It is worth mentioning that the “Sineva” missile holds the world record for the range of sea-based missiles: in October 2008, the nuclear submarine Tula destroyed targets at 11,547 kilometers away by using this missile.

According to the report, the Russian Ministry of Defense also released videos of Tu-160 strategic bombers taking off from Engels Air Force Base and Tu-95MS strategic bombers taking off from Ukrainian Ka airport in the Far East at night. These bombers rehearsed the use of long-range high-precision cruise missiles to attack targets.

The Russian Ministry of Defense announced that all tasks of command training of Russia’s offensive strategic forces have been successfully completed.

The report said that the Russian military does not often carry out teaching launches of strategic missiles. This training is costly and requires particularly strict security measures. However, without such training, it is impossible to test the Russian army’s readiness for the large-scale use of sea-based, land-based and air-based nuclear weapons.

The report pointed out that the ground launch team of the Russian Strategic Rocket Corps, long-range aviation pilots and naval submarine officers and soldiers proved on the 9th that they can shoulder the most complex tasks. In addition, these launches also confirm the technical performance of Russian-made strategic missiles and cruise missiles. All the teaching warheads of all missiles have hit the intended target.

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