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Russia and Rwanda have sent troops in an attempted coup in China and Africa.

Russian Ministry of Defense: More than 50,000 refugees have returned to their homes in the Karabakh region

△Picture source: Russian Ministry of Defense

December 21 According to AFP Bangui, the Central African Republic said on the 21st local time that after the attempted coup in the country, Russia and Rwanda sent hundreds of troops to the country respectively. Presidential and parliamentary elections will be held in the country this weekend.

According to the report, the Central African government accused former President François Bozizé of trying to seize power by force, and three rebel groups have marched to the capital Bangui.

A government spokesman said: “Under the framework of bilateral cooperation agreements, Russia has sent hundreds of soldiers and heavy weapons. Rwanda has also sent hundreds of people, who have begun to participate in the battle.

According to AFP Moscow, Kremlin local time said on the 21st that Russia is paying close attention to the political crisis in Central Africa, but President Putin’s spokesman Dmitry Peskov did not comment on the news that Russia has sent hundreds of soldiers to Central Africa.

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