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Rooney retired: Merlot’s shining era, don’t forget him in red.

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January 16 “I love every minute of my career, but I am very happy to start my coaching career in Derby County.”

For the fans, behind the short statement with only a few words is a huge wave that is difficult to describe in their hearts.

On the 15th local time, former England national team and Manchester United double captain Rooney announced his retirement. Rooney is 35 years old. He played for the Championship Derby County as a player and coach this season. After officially hanging his boots, he will become the new coach of the team. Like former teammates Gerrard, Lampard and others, Rooney will pick up the tactical board and start his coaching career.

Clicking on the entry “Rooney retired” on social media, the screen full of “My Youth” seemed to constantly remind us that the connection between the two is closer than expected.

Rooney hangs the gold hook upside down

Nineteen years ago, the full moon machete that ended Arsenal’s unbeaten record was Rooney’s business card; 10 years ago, the upside-down golden hook that repelled the city’s sworn enemy was Rooney’s footnote to the peak; two years ago, the high-speed retreat of the director’s whistle was Rooney’s best interpretation of never giving up…

In the tweet announcing the hanging boots, Rooney uploaded four pictures. From Everton to Manchester United, from Washington to Derbyshire, that’s his life so far.

Rooney comes from Everton Youth Training. The boy who grew up on the streets of Liverpool eventually became famous for playing for Manchester United.

13 years of youth are dedicated to the “Red Devil”. Starting with his debut “hat trick”, Rooney gradually became the leader of Manchester United. At Old Trafford, the “Dream Theater”, his dream came to reality step by step.

He is the only player in Premier League history to score more than 200 goals and assists more than 100; he was selected as the Premier League’s 20-year team of the best goal of the year and the Premier League’s best goal of the year; he is the best scorer in Manchester United’s history (253 goals) and the best scorer in England’s history (53 goals)…

These figures imply legends.

“The best is here now, the best has been, and the best is always there.” This is what Gerrard means to Liverpool. It also applies between Rooney and Manchester United.

After receiving the club’s honorary grand slam, Rooney left Manchester United Club, which he had created countless good memories with him, in the summer of 2017, and returned to Everton. After that, he also went to Washington United for Major League Baseball until he returned to England the year before last.

From young success to success; from pursuit of challenges to perfect curtain call. Those nights that were boiling because of him have long been cherished as an exclusive memory by fans.

As one of them said: “Time seems to freeze yesterday: the child holding high and please sign your brand, the hat-trick against Fenerbahce in the Champions League debut, Cristiano Ronaldo took on the important task of the front line after leaving Bernabeu, wanting to leave the team to make Sir Sir cry on the scene, break Sir Charlton’s goal record… All memories are It will drift with the wind, but Manchester United history has engraved your name.

At the end of his career, Rooney chose to push another door to the green field. Maybe the story has no real ending, but as the “author”, he has changed the way of telling it.

In November 2019, Rooney, who returned to England from Major League Baseball, signed a short contract with Derby County as a player and coach. At that time, he not only set a timetable for retirement, but also clarified the future direction. After that, the journey for more than a year was like walking on the ancient road outside the pavilion – fans gathered around him to accompany him to the end of his career.

It’s a pity to send you a thousand miles, and there will be a difference. In a flash of his finger for twenty years, he waved his sleeves and took away the cloud called “youth”.

Although he is in the shining era of “Mero”, he is the same anchor of generations’ memory in that red jersey.

Therefore, some people are looking forward to the “Absolute Superstar” special of Rooney in Football in the World, while others begin to imagine the day when he stands next to the sideline of Old Trafford and inherits the mantle of his mentor Ferguson.

No wonder. Because there is a saying that has been deeply imprinted in their hearts: “There is Lu Xiaopang at home, and happiness and health.”

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