Restore compliance with the Iran nuclear agreement. Iran urges the United States to “go first”

Iranian President Rouhani attends a press conference in Tehran on October 14, 2019. Xinhua News Agency, Photo by Ahmed)

January 28 Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said on the 27th that once other signatories to the comprehensive agreement on the Iranian nuclear issue implement the agreement, Iran will immediately and fully comply with the agreement.

Rouhani said at the cabinet meeting on the same day: “We have been saying: re-live your promises, and we will fulfill all our commitments within an hour.”

Rouhani said that the United States withdrew from the Iran nuclear agreement, not Iran.

The United States “ows us” rather than Iran owes the United States.

The German News Agency interpreted that this statement was in response to the new U.S. government’s previous statement on the Iran nuclear agreement.

The new U.S. government led by Joseph Biden believes that the United States is not in a hurry to return to the Iran nuclear agreement, and Iran’s strict compliance with the agreement is a prerequisite for starting negotiations related to the U.S. return agreement.

In May 2018, the U.S. government led by then President Donald Trump unilaterally withdrew from the Iran nuclear agreement and resumed and additional sanctions against Iran.

In response, Iran suspended the implementation of some of the terms of the agreement in stages from May 2019, but promised to take measures that were “reversible”.

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohamed Javad Zarif said on the 22nd that Iran refused to make any changes to the Iran nuclear agreement, stressing that the U.S. government should lift sanctions first.